Selling a Terrace House

Selling a Terrace House  ?

Planning to Sell your Terrace House ?

Even in Sydney and Melbourne terrace houses are rare and very much in demand.  There is a niche and there are people who love them.  There is both high demand for terraces from owner occupiers and renters. That makes them very special properties.

It is suprising how few real estate agents know the selling points and differentiators of terrace houses on the market.  Few know a deco from a Victorian, yet many terrace house sellers trust their agents to give their listings maximum exposure.  This typically involves listing in newspapers and local papers and printing brochures.

Private Sale vs Auction

In our opinion the best option for Victorian or Edwardian terrace houses is almost always auction.  Given the demand for terraces, gentrification trends and the passion of buyers you will get the best price in almost any market.

Online Promotion

Real estate portals like and classify terrace houses as “townhouses” which is annoying as it doesn’t really do justice for the unique Victorian and Edwardian Australian terrace house.

Promoting a listing yourself can be a really effective way to get the edge on other properties on the market.

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