Terrace House Renovation

Renovating or contemporary remodelling of a terrace house can be more affordable than restoration, making it easier to overcome common terrace house problems.

Blending Old and New

There are many examples of successful terrace house renovation projects which can incorporate modern materials and facilities into an older style home.  This can either be sympathetic or create a stunning contrast between old and new.  They can be DIY projects right through to the execution of comprehensive plans by architects, structural engineers and interior designers.

Blending old decorative features such as hallway arches at the front washing out the decorative elements with lighter colours like white, cream or beige allows home owners to remove original decorative features and achieve a minimalist look.

Keeping the Front, Reinventing the Back

Many people choose to remove the back half of terraces completely, including outbuildings and create modern extensions whilst complying with heritage controls by retaining the facade.

Creating the Light and Airy Feel

Terraces are notorious for being dark, damp, pokey and musty.  They have often been built by Europeans with shelter from the hot Australian conditions in mind and are not really suited to modern air conditioning.  The right renovation can allow more natural light to penetrate, better general air circulation.  Opening up skylights and atriums in the hallways, the rear and upper rooms  is just one way that renovators achieve this.

Creating Space

Space is always a premium for terrace houses, so renovation often involves maximising available space with space saving wardrobes and cupboards.  Another popular renovation is the attic or loft conversion.  This is an affordable solution for creating new storage or living spaces, often accessible by a staircase or where there is limited space, a pulldown or spiral staircase.  Building regulations require a minimum height, natural light and ventilation, so often dormer windows are incorporated into attic conversion projects.

Garden Possibilities

Few inner city terraces have the luxury of large gardens and many front onto busy streets, so front gardens often become a repository for ornamental plants and features and private rear courtyards are often constructed.  The hot Australian sun effects the backyard just like the front of the terrace so modern shade features such as decking structures or shade sails fulfill similar functions to historic iron lacework.

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