Terrace House Restoration

Restoration of terrace houses can be a labour of love, can sometimes be expensive and require the help of experts but can also rewarding in terms of resale value.

Discovery and Research
Often less destructive than renovation, it often involves attention to detail and discovery of original features through old photos, reference to others of the period and style or even neighbouring terraces in good condition. Original features such as wallpapers, stencil art, colours and stained timber can sometimes be revealed by peeling away layers of wallpaper and paint.

Restoration of Verandah and decorative Features
Iron lacework to original designs can be reproduced from casts, even in authentic looking substitute materials such as lightweight aluminium to reduce the load on structures.

Undoing past renovations
Sometimes restoration involves the reversal of inappropriate renovations, such as the built-in verandahs of the 1920s and 1930s during the era of the “reso” or terraces turned into flats or the reinstatement of features such as verandahs and mouldings that had been removed.

The Benefits of Restoration
There are always buyers for authentically restored terraces and there are many restorers whose meticulous work it is very difficult to tell from the original.

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