Terrace houses from the air

There are few urban sights more impressive than large uniform stands of terrace houses from the air.

Viewed from the air, the long narrow blocks and repeating patterns of rooflines, cosy courtyards and outhouses have a calming quality, create an impression of peaceful, refined and urbane streetscapes – even with rusty iron roofs in full view. Especially as compared with suburban quarter acre blocks or towering apartment blocks.  Also, this is one of the best ways to get a sense of the roof configurations, relationships, layouts, chimneys, party walls and even past renovations and extensions. It is clear when viewed from above that there is a wide variety of different roof form combinations.

Here are some photos taken of Melbourne’s Victorian terrace houses from a hot air balloon. Featured are single and double storey terraces from the inner northern suburbs such as Fitzroy, Carlton, West Melbourne and Abbotsford.


terrace houses from the air 3

terrace houses from the air

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