1-11 Auburn Parade. Hawthorn East. Melbourne, Victoria

This row of six narrow single storey houses is set back from the street and marches gently up Auburn parade. Unfortunately overgrown with trees and difficult to photograph, as such only houses 1-3 are pictured. Each house shares a party wall, but has its own hipped roof and central chimney partially obscured by their parapets. Most likely they were originally a row of modest Italianate villas, however the entire row has had its facade modified, most likely during to the late Edwardian or interwar period, making them fairly difficult to date.

1-11 auburn parade hawthorn east melbourne victoria

Terrace Houses: 11 Auburn Parade. Hawthorn East. Melbourne, Victoria

The most significant result of the renovation is that the parapets now feature unusual but plain mouldings alternating triangular and semi-circular pediment motifs. These add interest to the row, particularly the curved step-ups which were used to maintain uniformity on uneven typography. The reminders of their original state are in the balustrades on either side of the parapet, but the pedestals are missing their original urns or finials.

The corrugated iron roofs are flat and modestly pitched. Only a couple of verandahs retain a original cast iron verandah frieze and lacework. The rest have wooden fretwork slats. The party walls have been stripped almost bare.

These terraces are not heritage protected and the responsible planning authority is the City of Boroondara.

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