10-12 Crimea Street, St Kilda. Melbourne, Victoria

Crimea Street in St Kilda is a beautiful street lined by mature plane trees. While there are a number of flats, there are also a number of large and handsome Victorian homes including a few pairs of terrace houses like this one. This semi detached pair would have to be one of the most imposing, however. Set well back from the street and with generous wide proportions and extremely high ceilings, a lot of effort has gone into simulating stone and solid construction giving the terraces an overall majestic appearance. Unlike other Melbourne terraces, however this is notably achieved without heavy emphasis on its parapet.

10-12 crimea street st kilda

Terrace Houses: 12 Crimea Street, St Kilda. Melbourne, Victoria

The parapet is actually quite simple design of balustrade above a bracketed cornice, however given the height of the terrace, the roof barely needs hiding. The effect is to emphasize the singularity of the row. The party walls are deliberately prominent, framing a triple bay of verandah screens, but commanding on their own, projecting out sharply to completely obscure the verandah roof. With large lions heads and smooth columns with corinthian columns and panels of mouldings and vermiculation much depth and detail is achieved.

The facades of each house are dressed in a render rusticated to simulate stone complete with voussoirs around the doorways. A feature of the ground floor is the large Italianate faceted bay window which includes a rectangular Palladian window feature. The upper storey window features a similar treatment without the bay and the door to the balcony is positoined directly above the main doorway for additional symmetry.

This pair is located within the City of Port Phillip heritage overlay HO6 giving it some heritage protection.1

  1. City of Port Phillip Planning Scheme

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