10-18 Chalder Street, Newtown. Sydney, New South Wales

A row of four narrow double storey Victorian terraced houses in Newtown, an area full of similar streetscapes.These have a prominent central party wall along the steeply pitched corrugated iron roof with long chimneys on it and both end terraces. One of the terraces (16) gives an indication of the original corrugated iron alternating painted pattern which was common on verandahs of terraced buildings of the era.  The plainly dressed party walls project out to frame the verandah and divide the two main bays.  Cast iron lacework featuring fine fringes with brackets and balustrades are a feature of the facade.

10-18 Chalder Street, Newtown. Sydney, New South Wales. Image by Michael Gardiner
Photo by: Michael Gardner

10-18 Chalder Street, Newtown. Sydney, New South Wales.

The doors and halls are clustered together, while there is only one room at the front of both floors, notably the top storey has no windows, just a large glass paned set of french doors.  The ground storey has a single double hung window with an unusual rectangular string course moulding skirting the top of it and the door.

I’m not certain of the date, although the appearance would suggest late 1870s to mid 1880s.

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