101-111 Rowntree Street, Birchgrove. Sydney, New South Wales

This outstanding row of six double storey terraced houses (four pictured) is distinguished by its interesting end terrace, a large faceted bay and prominent gable which addresses the Cameron Street corner.

101-111 rowntree street birchgrove sydney new south wales

Photo by Michael Gardner.

Terrace Houses: 101-111 Rowntree Street, Birchgrove. Sydney, New South Wales

The end terrace Queen Anne style bay features a prominent bargeboard with finial and half timbering. This terraceImmediately above the top level windows are decorative mouldings featuring festoons. The nine panel upper double hung windows feature coloured leadlights, while the lower only have one row providing a privacy screen but leaving a small pane open. Between the ground floor and first storey of the bay there are string courses and mouldings which provide with the filligree section. The entire effect of the end bay evokes the North American row home.

The roofs are a mix of materials, indicating the individual treatments given by each owner over the decades. The party walls and chimneys penetrate the roof, however after the corner two appear with chimneys only on every second wall giving the remaining paired terraces the impression of larger homes.

The groud level facade features Italianate arched mouldings over tripartite windows and doors. The upper facades are plain with a simple double hung window and French door on all but the corner terrace. At least one of the verandahs has been partially built in.

The verandahs between plainly dressed party walls feature fine iron lacework pattern of fringe, brackets and pendants at each midpoint and first storey balustrade (with the exception of a couple which have been altered at some stage). The lacework fringe of the bay end terrace is notably deeper than the rest (which consist simply of brackets) possibly to further emphasise the corner. All of the terraces are set back from the street with formal courtyards and patio with cast iron palisade fence on most.

Not sure of the date, but my guess would be about 1889 and the row appears to be unnamed.

The terraces are not covered by the NSW Heritage Act, however they may be afforded some sort of local protection by Leichardt council.


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