11-17 Walker Street, Lavender Bay. Sydney, New South Wales

Actually a pair of two identical double storey semi detached sets of terraces with an original attic level,  this symmetrical row marches up a hill overlooking Sydney Harbour and is an interesting combination of Italianate and French Second Empire styles. (Photo by: Sardaka licenced under (CC-SA))

11-17 Walker Street, Lavender Bay. Sydney, New South Wales.  Image by Sardaka

11-17 Walker Street, Lavender Bay. Sydney, New South Wales.

The terraces have an elegant roof profile split by the party wall and complete with tall bulky chimneys, slate tiles and mansard roofs fronted by temple motif aedicules complete with Palladian pediment, pilasters and scrolls.  A low parapet is lined with giant decorative urns and the main facade and chimneys are all rendered.  The symmetry is merged with a small double storey Italianate loggia sitting between two faceted bay windows with a small cast iron balustrade.  The bays are topped with corrugated iron topped cupolas which function as a verndah or viewing platform.

I’m not certain of the date or architect, however these terraces would appear to date to about 1886 or 1887.

The names appearing above the breakfront arcade of each house include “Kiengal” (17) and “Merryula” (15) which bear similarities to the names of outback parishes in remote New South Wales established in the same era.


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