11-63 Hackett Street, Ultimo. Sydney, New South Wales

Hackett Street is a narrow lane which runs for just two blocks.  One side of the block between Pier Street and Macarthur Street is completely lined in terrace houses.  Pictured is actually three identical rows of nine double storey working class terraces.

Terrace Houses: 11-63 Hackett Street, Ultimo. Sydney, New South Wales

Photo by Michael Gardner. All rights reserved. Used with permission

Terrace Houses: 11-63 Hackett Street, Ultimo. Sydney, New South Wales

The terraces themselves are almost devoid of ornament save for the wood and corrugated iron awnings which angle out with their large triangular brackets to provide shade to the stairway.  Each house is one room wide.  There are double hung windows on both levels and a simple doorway with halls and chimneys clustered together on every second house.  The long gable roof, heavily rusted in sections is pierced by party walls in the blade fashion of typical Sydney terraces with just a couple sporting contemporary dormer window additions from attic conversions.   The modern railings at ground floor and brick steps suggest modification, however the rest of the facade is likely to have always been plain and simple, such was the style for industrial Ultimo in the late 1870s and early 1880s.

While the terraces themselves are plain, the long repetitive stretch of 27 houses is in itself a sight to behold.

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