12-18 Fitzroy Street, Surry Hills. Sydney, New South Wales

Shown here are some Surry Hills working class terraces which are build right up to the property line and march up a subtly sloping inner city street. Their facades are bare with the exception of the ledges with their little brackets and the mouldings designed to throw rain off the double hung windows and the unsympathetically harsh but necessary security grilles on the doors and windows.

Terrace Houses: 12-18 Fitzroy Street, Surry Hills. Sydney, New South Wales 

Photo by Michael Gardner.


Terrace Houses: 12-18 Fitzroy Street, Surry Hills. Sydney, New South Wales

The blade roof party walls indicate that they would date to at least the 1860s and most likely given their Italianate style to have been build in the 1870s.  However the lack of a party wall to define each house from the front is interesting, just a very subtle corbel and the step profile marks the end of each house.  The owners have obviously improvised with colourful paint schemes.   The series of corrugated iron gable roofs runs parallel to the street with chimneys at the peak of the party walls.

At least one of these terraces has had an attic conversion with the addition of a dormer window.

There is an adjoining corner store in a similar style, however this was presumably built at a different time as it lacks consistency with the row.

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  • these are similar to Corben St Surry Hills, where I lived in 1969 at no.45. The door opened into actual living room and there was only one room on each level – the backyard (level 3 if you will) had a shower next to the loo and the rent was $15 !

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