12-35 High Street, Millers Point. Sydney, New South Wales

Miller’s Point has a large number of terrace rows, however many differ from typical terraces in their Edwardian style and their unusual layout and arrangement.  There are at least six massive rows of such terraces near the harbour at High Street and Windmill Street along Walsh Bay and a redevelopment area which is now called Barangaroo.  At least four of these rows are nearly carbon copies.

12-35 High Street.  Millers Point, New South Wales.  Photo by Sardaka licenced under CC-SA
Photo by: Sardaka licenced under (CC-SA)

Edwardian Terraces. Millers Point, New South Wales.

The houses at 12-35 High Street are in fact early maisonette style flats laid out in a row of 13 terrace style compartments each with two houses (upper and lower level) sharing party walls and large verandahs.   There are minor party walls between each pair and major party walls house the chimneys with terracotta pots.  Rather than being dressed in iron lacework, they are instead dressed in wood slats or simple lattice with large brackets at the party walls and twin supports in each bay.  Each storey has simple double hung windows and french doors.  A central stairway provides access for tenants to the upper levels.  There are gables fronting every third compartment of the row and two edwardian style pavillions at either end.  The roof is currently corrugated iron, but others in the area share a similar design with terracotta roofs which would seem more consistent to the style.  So at some stage the original roofs may have been replaced.

I’m not sure of the exact date or architect, however the style would put them somewhere between 1890 and 1915.

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