12 and 12A Western Beach Road, Geelong. Victoria

Commanding a sweeping elevated view over Corio Bay and foreshore cliffs near central Geelong, this pair has a great deal of history, having been altered several times since their first construction in 1854 as a single house built by Andrew and Elizabeth Martin, modified in 1880 by Charles Anderson and extended by his widow, Sarah, in 1895 to become two terrace houses.

Terrace Houses: 12 and 12A Western Beach Road, Geelong. Victoria

Terrace Houses: 12 and 12A Western Beach Road, Geelong. Victoria

The terrace house is set back from the street and shares a symmetrical design with a rather plain moulded parapet featuring an angular raised section. The iron lacework dates to the 1890s and features two classical (corinthian) cast iron columns on each house, creating three bays of bracketed lacework and balustrades. The patterns are very fine and have a lightness to them. Parts of the original house remain partially demolished, leaving a wall featuring its original quoining, cornice and brackets extending to the property line and hanging in dead space. Later modifications, including aluminium windows sadly have detracted from the quality of the facade and the palisade fence is a cheap modern reproduction and in my opinion somewhat detracts from the authenticity of the terrace.

The City of Greater Geelong recognises the significance of this terrace duplex with an individual heritage overlay (HO1181 and HO1182) in addition to being part of the Western Beach heritage precinct (HO1639).1


  1. City of Greater Geelong Planning Scheme

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