121-125 Wattle Street, Bendigo. Victoria

This pair of terrace houses, among the most impressive double fronted double storey renaissance revival terraces I have seen in Australia is currently recovering from severe 1960s bastardisation.  Until recently an unfortunate 60s reno had resulted in poorly maintained lacework was enclosed by wood, demolition of the third in the row to be replaced by a block of dog-box flats and the whole facade obscured by paperbark trees. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of these terraces is that they have full verandah facades on both sides with a rare long parallel double hipped roof.

Terrace Houses: 121-125 Wattle Street, Bendigo. Victoria

Fortunately this terrace is currently being restored and the sheer scale of these houses must be seen to be believed.  The end terraces have large protruding temple like encasements and arches with voussoirs.  Set back from the street they are large and commanding behind their cast iron palisade fence. They also feature extensive rear gardens and a fully intact complement of stables/mews (which are apparently being converted into apartments).

Until recently, the verandahs were fully closed in, such that you could not appreciate their piano nobile facade, central door voussoir, palladian windows and mouldings.  The terrace once had a large corrugated iron double hip roof which divided into three bays by party walls and chimneys that penetrated the roof.  Double eaves brackets also provide subtle definition to the roofline.

I am looking forward to an upcoming trip to Bendigo to see the reinstated cast iron verandahs and hopefully a consistent colour scheme and I will post some more photos soon.  I believe the terraces are currently being redeveloped as luxury apartments.  I can only dream that someday the block of flats is demolished and the terrace fully returned to its former glory.

I haven’t as yet managed to find much historical info on these houses, but I’d expect that they were built around the late 1870s given their style.

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  • Lesley Poker:

    Built in 1874. Originally built by a John Watson ( very wealthy) who built the one next door for his spinster sister.

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