127 Greeves Street, Fitzroy. Melbourne, Victoria

Tucked in a narrow one-way Fitzroy lane, this wide freestanding boom style terrace is extremely exuberant example of the free classical style.  Of note is its specially cast iron lacework “opera box” style balcony and the multitude of male head busts which litter the party walls on either side, facing both forward and downward.

127 Greeves Street, Fiztroy. Melbourne, Victoria

127 Greeves Street, Fitzoy. Melbourne, Victoria

A tall parapet hides the roof, which has twin urns.  Presumably the parapet once had some sort of pediment decoration which has since been removed.  The cornice has a long vermiculated panel propped up by double corbels interspersed between decorative swags.  The party wall curves out following the course of the large bullnose verandah. The verandah is split into three compartments by cast iron corinthian columns.  An abundance of iron lace in the form of a lacework frieze, brackets, fringe and balconettes completes the composition.

There are three rectangular windows on the second level and two arched windows and arched door with window feature above at ground level.  All have brick voussoir atop.  The party wall continues to curve toward the street and cast iron fence framing a small front garden – rare in inner city Fitzroy.

The terrace is currently painted white, however future sandblasting may well reveal polychrome brickwork and render detail.

The terrace is inside City of Yarra’s large heritage overlay HO334.


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  • Lee:

    I used to live in this house in the 1980s. It was a splendid labyrinth of a place, with two staircases – as grand one in the hallway, and a smaller, servant’s one toward the rear. Only one bathroom, of course. It was being deconstructed at the back by an ancient wisteria vine, whose tendrils had grown to pencil thickness inside the window frames.
    The landlord was John Telfer, who was very kind to us tenants.

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