15-17 Franklin Street, Maddingley. Bacchus Marsh, Victoria.

Not something that you’d expect in Bacchus Marsh, much less one of its suburbs, this is a very rare row of double fronted single storey terraced homes. Described by the Moorabool council as “brick cottages” it is one of the only heritage protected structures in Maddingley and has its very own heritage overlay HO15.

Terrace Houses: 15-17 Franklin Street, Maddingley. Bacchus Marsh, Victoria

The two chimneys per house and continuous corrugated hipped roof with a subtle cornice of wooden eave brackets, the row gives the impression of more homes. The style of chimneys indicate that this is almost certainly originally late Victorian polychromatic brick boom style terraces, however the patterning is now obscured by paint and the iron lacework removed from the verandah presumably in the 1960s when window shutters were also added. The door and window combinations are notably simple and symmetrical, consisting of double hung windows and four panel doors with fanlights. Interiors and outbuildings appear reasonably intact.

It is most likely that the terraces date to between 1887 and 1890 (although I’m not certain of the exact date) when the nearby railway from Melbourne opened. Being a stop between Melbourne and Ballarat where terrace housing was fashionable it would seem natural that Bacchus Marsh experiment in this type of housing, albeit briefly. Maddingley began as a separate town south of the Werribee River from as early as the 1830s, but by the time the railway arrived it was already part of growing Bacchus Marsh. The location close to the station and the park of the school grounds is almost the perfect situation for speculative middle class cottages of the period. However it is unlikely that too many other terraces were built in Bacchus Marsh, as after the gold rush and the flurry of the railway opening it became a sleepy hollow. It is, however a much different story these days, with the town being one of the fastest growing in regional Victoria.

Being such a rare row in Bacchus Marsh, one would certainly hope that someday it can be returned to its former glory, the paint stripped back and its decorative lacework returned.

Many thanks to Helena.

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  • Hello
    Was very interested in reading about your story on 13-17 Franklin Street Maddingley (Bacchus Marsh) in Victoria. I own no 13 and am in the process of extensively renovating the cottage. I have done some research about the property. The terraces were built in 1890 by Mr Edward Sloss. This gentleman owned a bakery across the road from the terraces and was very much involved in the establishment of Bacchus Marsh. I have asked the local historical society about the exterior of the cottages- particularly about the type of lattice iron work it’s veranda would have been decorated with – so far no luck.
    Would have any leads as to whom I would contact ? An old photo would be great – but so far no luck.

    Thank you and look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards

    Hilary Neylon
    Mobile: 0400 965915

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