15-17 Wellington Street. Brisbane, Queensland

This is one of Brisbane’s fairly unique terraces situated on the corner of the aptly named Terrace Street and close to the Petrie Street terraced precinct.

Terrace Houses: 15-17 Wellington Street. Brisbane, Queensland

Photo by Michael Gardner.

Terrace Houses: 15-17 Wellington Street. Brisbane, Queensland

The house features a combined roof of corrugated iron which extends to the verandah in a single span and is steeply pitched.  The modest terraces have render details (such as string courses) and red brick similar to the Queen Anne style possibly indicating that the facade and fence was remodelled at some stage .  One of the most prominent features are the large rectangular window bays which project from the facade to allow ample light to enter.  This and the combination with an impressive door is vertically mirrored and identical on both levels with a more solid brick version of the window casement on the ground level.   The verandah balcony of each house has iron lacework with alternating panels and vertical elements, however cast iron ornament is notably absent elsewhere and is split by a square timber support column which only appears on the upper storey.

Presumably given its position in the Petrie Street Estate this terrace was originally built around 1885-1886.

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