15-23 Hurtle Square. Adelaide, South Australia

Another row of double storey terrace houses in Adelaide’s Hurtle Square, this time a row of four which I find interesting for its contrasting use of corrugated iron verandah roof forms of the end terraces. The verandah of the remodelled house at 23 Hurtle Square breaks the rhythm and adds interest through its concave roof, contrasting detail and colour scheme.

Terrace Houses: 15-23 Hurtle Square. Adelaide South, Australia

It is similar in many ways to Adelaide terrace houses of the 1870s, typically double storey, built in rows of four and with an austere almost Georgian style. The ashlar stone effect appears to be comprised of sandstone. There are mouldings around the windows and doors with subtle details such as delicate vermiculated keystones (which the modified 23 notably lacks), plainly curved corbels at each end terrace and double pendanted timber brackets along the cornice. The plain parapetless main gable is pitched such that it is barely visible from the street. The main verandah roof of 15-19 is skillion style and its vivid green vernadah columns are plain timber, while the balustrades are vertical timber slats without any brackets. The upper storey features french doors, and like the front door with an additional fanlight. The chimneys are of an almost anomalous plain red brick and just two are shared by each pair. The style greatly contrasts with the iron lacework of the terraces of Melbourne and Sydney but nevertheless has a real colonial appeal.

The terrace has local heritage significance to Adelaide for its contribution to the streetscape under the South Australian Heritage Register (H0200993).

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