168-174 Glebe Point Road, Glebe. Sydney, New South Wales

This row of four double storey Victorian terraces (three pictured) is in Sydney’s inner west. The complete row is difficult to photograph due to the presence of large evergreen trees in front of the second terrace in the row. The suburb of Glebe is heavily gentrified and contains a great number of beautiful heritage buildings. This row is not the most spectacular on Glebe Point Road, but it has an interesting style presumably early 1890s. They have attributes of Queen Anne style architecture.

Terrace Houses.  168-174 Glebe Point Road.  Glebe.  Sydney, New South Wales

Terraced Houses. 168-174 Glebe Point Road. Glebe. Sydney, New South Wales

Giveaways of this style are the terracotta roofs, chimney pots and the end terraces bungalow style gable facing the street dressed in pressed metal patterns. Typically gable end terraces had blank walls however the end terrace facing Hereford Street unusually has double sets of windows with sashes and an arched verandah window on the upper level. The party walls are dressed in vermiculated panels and corbels and are expressed on the roof of the terraces however there is slight asymmetry with the terrace to the north not having a roof exposed party wall, effectively making this bay look bigger. The roof appears to have been renovated in recent times so whether this was the original plan or a set of chimneys were removed I cannot tell. Most have filligree on their entire double storey verandah, however a couple of them have been modified. The upper storey features a large glass window with surrounds for maximum natural light. The lower storeys are decorated with classical style patterns with string courses and faux columns.

According to the Glebe Society, the terraces are individually named after Tasmanian rivers: Derwent (168), Tamar (170), Huon (172) and Esk (174) and they were built in 1903.1

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  • Marjory Ellsmore:

    There is a 5th Tasmanian river terrace build along the back of the four on Glebe Point Road, No 1 Hereford Street. It is named Mersey. There is a right of way passage between the blank side wall of No.1 and the back fences of 168 -174. It is a shorter and wider version of the terraces on Glebe Point Road.

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