17-23 Catherine Street. Maitland, New South Wales

Maitland is one of those regional heritage cities that definitely punches above its weight when it comes to terraces. The city has some good examples of both double and single storey terrace housing that have their own regional variation and flavour. This row of four terraces in Catherine Street reminds me of many from Adelaide, though it is particularly interesting for its detail and polychrome brickwork and refined use of ironwork verandah decoration …

Photo by Michael Gardner. All rights reserved. Used with permission

Double storey terraces at Maitland, New South Wales

Polychrome quoins decorate the edge walls and around the windows and doors. Unlike Sydney and Newcastle counterparts, party walls are not a feature of the design, instead the homes are divided by paltry wooden partitions. The parapets are even and refined, more akin to those of Adelaide. The bullnose verandah has alternating bands typical of the 1870s. The absense of brackets and fringe on the upper verandah is offset by the use of bulky corinthian iron columns. The lower level combines the columns only with brackets. The balustrade pattern is subdued, vertical and repetitive, however 21 and 23 are missing this feature and the makeshift replacement is less than sympathetic.

Suprisingly the terrace does not carry an individual heritage listing, although it is located within the Central Maitland Heritage Conservation Area (HCA).1


  1. Maitland Heritage Conservation Areas http://www.maitland.nsw.gov.au/UserFiles/File/Heritage/Conservation&Design%20Guidelines/ConsDesDCPPart2a.pdf

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