18-22 Derby Street, Collingwood. Melbourne, Victoria

Another interesting little row of terraces which is (at the time of writing) not covered by heritage controls. What I find most interesting about these Victorian Regency style terraces is the way that the architect or builder has attempted to address and express the glently sloping topography of the street.  Only one of this row of three double storey terraces is stepped up, yet the treatment of the big bold cornice is noteworthy.  The cornice, parapet and string course dynamically curves upward in an almost baroque statement accentuating the step down. The other end terrace (formerly a corner shop or pub) projects forward to the street with a splayed corner (topped by feature parapet flanked by scrolls)  in another unusual relationship.  The combination and composition is quite rare, especially for Melbourne.

Terrace Houses: 18-22 Derby Street, Collingwood. Melbourne, Victoria

The terraces themselves are rather plain, to be expected with regency style.  The upper windows have mouldings and ledges with square brackets.  The chimneys are unpainted render, indicating that the terraces themselves may also once have been.  At least one is topped by a terracotta pot.  There are string course mouldings on the facade.  There exposed foundation is in bluestone.  House 18 has a small verandah framed by the projecting party wall on the lower storey with a roof of concave corrugated iron.  The party wall of the verandah features plain scrolls and in between is a deep fringe and bracket pair in iron lace with a palisade fence at the property line.  The mid terrace may once have lost its verandah, or it may have always been deliberately set back.  Either way the overall effect is of note.

Given the style of these terraces and those around it, I would estimate that this row was built around the mid 1870s.

The terraces aren’t yet in a heritage overlay and the planning authority is the City of Yarra.

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