2-4 Regent Street, Richmond. Melbourne, Victoria

This pair of narrow working class cottages are situated near the Victoria Street railway bridge and are distinctive due to their rustic gothic style. The style was mildly popular in the 1860s but seldom used in terrace houses in Victoria.

Terrace Houses: 2-4 Regent Street, Richmond. Melbourne, Victoria

As such, houses like these are quite rare in Melbourne. It features a corrugated iron roof with chimneys at its apex set back. A key feature of the terraces is the front gable with its decorative bargeboards and tall turned wood finial. Load bearing brick party walls frame each house and project to the property line.

The party walls are decorated with vermiculated panels and acanthus scrolls, while the verandah features an iron lacework fringe, brackets and central pendant with a picket fence rising to complete the small private patio.

House number 2 has had a recent coat of paint on the facade which distracts attention from its complete remodelling from just behind the facade, which is now modern showrooms, presumably following demolition work to widen that section of Victoria Parade (also meaning that they may have originally been part of a longer row). The house at number 4 in contrast is in mostly original condition. Both could use some exterior renovation.

Neither terrace has any form of heritage protection, nor is the entire area to the west of the rail line which is suprising given that sections of Regent Street contain some good examples of very early working class terraces.

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  • Graeme Butler:

    This house pair is recommended for a HO in the Richmond Gaps study that is yet to be approved by Council

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