21 Hill Street, Hawthorn. Melbourne, Victoria

21 Hill Street is a richly detailed double storey house which is built in the terrace style although freestanding. This grand terrace features a hipped slate roof culminated in a central chimney above bracketed eaves – a design theme while repeated elsewhere, along with the verandah, makes an impressive statement here.

21 hill street hawthorn

Freestanding Terrace: 21 Hill Street, Hawthorn. Melbourne, Victoria

The effect is accentuated by the central breakfront triangular pediment propped up on cast iron columns and projected with wood brackets and a very short fringe to execute a temple effect. The pediment also features a decorative patterned cartouche inside of wooden fretwork or cast iron. The emphasis on the temple is accentuated further by the unusual relationship of a single central cast iron column below supporting the upper storey.

There are two large party walls which also frame the verandah, with open arches on the upper storey however the western party wall is extends above the roof, indicating that this was either a pair or speculatively intended to have others of a similar size built alongside. As it stands, there is only a couple of double storeys on this street – the majority being smaller single storey cottages – which gives this house even greater sense of grandeur. The party walls are decorated with a mix of female heads, finials, acanthus scroll corbels.

The verandah also features a fringe of iron lace including pendants and brackets. The arched pattern of the cast iron balustrade somewhat replicates the pattern of the brackets above. The upper storey cast iron columns framing the temple begin to spiral at the base adding to the richness of the balcony.

As is typical of this style, the terrace was most probably originally unpainted with indistinguishable polychrome (or Hawthorn) brick patterning underneath the existing beige paintwork. The facade of the upper storey is quite plain with two large window doors and diamond shaped medallions on the wall spaces in between. The ground level has more detail, with a stuccoed string course containing a subtle pattern frieze along the front and moulded ledges with brackets below the pair of double hung windows.

My guess is that this terrace to date to around 1887-1890 given the style and materials used.

The terrace is in City of Boroondara heritage overlay HO220.1


* 195 Adderley Street, West Melbourne

  1. City of Boroondara Planning Scheme

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