237-239 View Street, Bendigo. Victoria

This pair of unnamed red brick “blood & bandage” style Edwardian terraces in regional Bendigo is interesting, impressive and simple at the same time.  The terrace is set back on the block on a steep hill overlooking the city on a street filled with terraces and villas.  Although they are single storey, they have the commanding presence of a double storey terrace which is aided by the tall staircase ascending the retaining wall and the courtyard below. 

237-239 View Street, Bendigo. Victoria

237-239 View Street, Bendigo. Victoria

The parapet is quite tall but square, completely hiding the roof, and plain except for a single cream band of squares, the dividing wall and twin roof vents which provide practical expression (it is quite possible that three decorative urns have been removed at some stage).  A similar band crosses the first level’s two double hung windows and combines with the bullnose verandah of corrugated iron to provide horizontality in contrast the verticality of the staircase. The stairs and halls run side-by-side toward the middle party wall.

Two sets of cast iron columns divide the bays into three.  Each has a frieze of fretwork and brackets.  The entry is notably absent of brackets however and this appears to be deliberate emphasis.  The balustrade lacework panels are spaced to give a light and airy feeling to the balcony.  The party walls have a vermiculated panel and extend in steep angles to tall geometrical Edwardian gateposts topped by pyramids and balls.  239 is unfortunately missing its wooden gatepost and fence.

The date is difficult to place, however given the style I would estimate around 1905-1910 which is quite late for terraced houses, especially in a regional city.

The row is offered some modest heritage protection through the City of Greater Bendigo’s heritage overlay HO1 which covers much of the northern section of the city.

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