286-340 Bulwara Road, Ultimo. Sydney, New South Wales

The unbroken row of narrow terrace houses that graces the northern side of Bulwara Road in Ultimo with a total of twenty eight double storey terrace houses has to be one of the longest and best preserved rows in the country.  While Paddington has rows on two sides of the street facing each other, this one is hard to beat for sheer length.

286-340 Bulwara Road. Ultimo, New South Wales.  Image by Michael Gardiner
Photo by: Michael Gardner

286-340 Bulwara Road. Ultimo, New South Wales.

Spanning rare flat terrain in Sydney, with its even parapet this row is more akin to its Melbourne counterparts than those found elsewhere in Sydney, although it would be very hard to find a row as long or intact anywhere in the southern capital.

The Bulwara Road terraces are uniform and built up to the property line.  Only a couple toward the middle of the row have compromised verandahs either built in or removed.  Presumably these will one day be restored.  The differing colour schemes and treatments add interest to and enliven the streetscape.

The parapet of this row is quite plain.  Horizontality is emphasized through the long cornice, while verticality of each terrace house is expressed with urns atop a projecting party wall held up by a scroll and leaf corbel to form a short pinnacle.  Corbels also mark each level of the party wall.  The lacework patterns are similar but interestingly only appear as a single balustrade and brackets without a fringe.  Hallways are paired along party walls with just a single room at the front of each, the party walls have blind arches and a small cast iron fence typically greets the street.

I’m not certain of the architect or date but my guess is based on the style these terraces are from around 1887.

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