3-5 Hill Street, Hawthorn. Melbourne, Victoria

The simple restrained treatment of this row of two double storey terrace Hawthorn houses matches the mood of the sky in this photograph.  The design suggests the Regency style, probably in the 1850 and 1860s which is quite old for Melbourne and more of the style which predominates the inner working class suburbs of Sydney.  It is situated near a tramway, the original cable trams were not built until 1886, so it may have been built before the trams arrived.  Hill Street has many early Victorian villas a mix of modest and elaborate.

Terraced homes. 3-5 Hill Street.  Hawthorn, Victoria

3-5 Hill Street. Hawthorn, Victoria

The first storey verandah with short protuding party walls built up to the property line is a trend that definitely pre-dates Melbourne’s boom.  Although cast iron lacework may have been stripped at some stage the overall style suggests an almost Georgian simplicity.  Of the few decorative details are small classical corbels below the party wall caps.  The roof lacks a parapet or eaves brackets and the simple hip roof has plain looking chimneys.   The double hung windows have simple sills.

The terrace is part of the Hill Street heritage area which is covered by the City of Boroondara’s heritage overlay HO220.

I’m not certain of the date, architect or names of these terraces so if anyone knows anything about their history let me know.

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