3-5 Weynton Street, Annandale. Sydney, New South Wales

Situated between a large block of 50s walk up flats and a Victorian villa on Weynton street is this vestigal pair of Victorian terraces which marches up to Piper Lane. Annandale is a surburb best known for its “Witches Houses” and this terrace stands out from nearby terraces are mostly freestanding terraces and single storey cottages. What makes this terrace interesting is some unusual features which set it apart from many others.

Double Storey terrace houses: 3-5 Weynton Street, Annandale. Sydney, New South Wales

The party wall decoration is unusual for Sydney with its vermiculation and scrolls more akin to Italianate terraces of Melbourne. The bullnose verandah is dressed in customary iron lace adorns with fine fringe and central drop featuring on both levels and an upper storey balustrade. The upper storey features large open french door/windows, while the ground floor has arched windows and openings. Window openings also feature along the laneway side of the house. The terrace retains original fence including patterned rendered posts and cast iron palisade. The roof tiling and dormer window appears to be new, while the original terracotta chimney pots remain.

The pair likely dates to the late 1880s or early 1890s and is part of the Annandale Heritage Conservation Area.1


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