301-303 Beaconsfield Parade, St Kilda West. Melbourne, Victoria (demolished 2012)

This picture shows 301-303 Beaconsfield Parade, a dainty single storey row of three Edwardian terraces. At the time it was pictured is a real estate sign declaring “no heritage overlay”, situated in an area under the relentless pressure of bayside development. Edwardian terrace rows (longer than a semi detached pair) are quite rare in this part of Melbourne and in Melbourne as a whole. The row was partially demolished in 2012 after the sale of 301 severely compromising the architectural integrity of the row.

301-303 Beaconsfield Parade.  St Kilda West, Victoria

301-303 Beaconsfield Parade. St Kilda West, Victoria

The mid terrace is the best kept of the three, with its marseille interlocking clay tile roof with decorative caps and picket fence apparently been recently restored.  The stucco chimneys and terracotta pots are typical of the era and it extends over the verandah as well to further emphasize the roof.  This particular design is quite interesting as it has two offset Queen Anne/Old English style gables for each end terrace that gravitate toward the mid terrace.  The central gable is set back slightly, emphasizing the complete row.  The mid terrace chimney runs parallel to the roof while the others run at right angles, adding to the quirkiness of the design.   The two end terraces have projecting bays beneath the gables with a round arched window and leadlight protected by a moulded string course which follows the curve of the window.  The mid terrace verandah features two support posts with decorative arts and crafts style wooden fretwork.  The verandah has very subtle hip roof style separation at each end.   The doorways and a large leadlight dressed casement windows are partially hidden behind.  The verandah on 303 is closed in, one would hope that if it is spared demolition that this would be opened as well as the original picket fence returned in future to return some integrity to the row.

It would certainly be a shame to ruin the row if anyone heeded the agents calls for demolition.  However sea views are a premium in the area and the design, while quaint, is certainly not condusive for the modern trend of all glass and sweeping views.

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  • Paul:

    Would be absolutely gutted to see this house demolished and further ruin this historic streetscape, Enough vandalism has taken place along this strip! Makes me sick!

    Love your website by the way buddy!

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