301-311 Lydiard Street Nth. Soldiers Hill. Ballarat, Victoria

This row of six single storey rendered brick Victorian era terraces is the longest of several single storey rows along Lydiard Street. The row marches down the hill and terminates in an end terrace shop on the Seymour Street corner.

301-311 Lydiard Street North. Soldiers Hill.  Ballarat, Victoria

301-311 Lydiard Street Nth. Soldiers Hill. Ballarat, Victoria

The terraces themselves are wide with a central door with double column support filligree verandahs. The roof features decorated eaves and a visible low pitched profile with two double chimneys each serving four main rooms with fireplaces.  The facade appears to have been covered with a floating layer of floating sheet render, perhaps at later some stage which is falling off in many places to reveal red brick beneath.

The terraces are offered local heritage protection as part of the City of Ballarat’s heritage overlay HO170.

I’m not sure of the date of these terraces, however their style and size would tend to indicate that they are among the city’s earliest terrace houses – possibly late 1860s.

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