34-38 Webster Street, Ballarat. Victoria

One of several rows of terraces in the prestigious Webster Street area between Ballarat CBD and Lake Wendouree, this row of three single storey terrace houses has the appearance of both a single terrace and individual villas.

Row of three terraced homes at 34-38 Webster Street.  Ballarat, Victoria

34-38 Webster Street. Ballarat, Victoria

The long terrace has three protruding bays with hipped corrugated iron roofs projecting toward the street.  Between each of these bays is a bullnose verandah dressed in detailed cast iron lace patterns and supported by single corinthian cast iron columns.  Prominent polychrome brickwork patterning is one of the most noticeable features of this terrace.  The theme is carried through the entire composition, from the fences through to the window surrounds, eaves brackets and even the multitude of tall chimneys which dot the roofline.  The polychrome patterns stagger along the fascia and give the appearance of quoining. Another interesting feature of this and nearby terraces is that the architects have gone to significant pains to completely hide, externally at least, the party walls between the terraced homes.

Like much of Ballarat, the terrace has heritage protection via the City of Ballarat heritage overlay HO166.

I’m not certain on the date, but judging by the size and style it would appear to be built between 1886-87.

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