37-53 Grove Street, Birchgrove. Sydney, New South Wales

This is a long row of eight double storey sandstone terraces terminates in a shophouse end terrace.  While the parapet of the terrace houses is quite plain, it effectively hides the roof and chimneys, stepping slightly to follow the gradual incline of the street.  Like many inner Sydney corner stores the corner store of the row has a bevel with a door entry facing the corner on an angle.  The parapet on this section is much higher and more pronounced with a high curved motif, although still plain of the facade.  The corner store has a spectacular large wood lattice balcony projecting over the footpath.  Whether this was an original feature, I’m not sure.

Photo by: Michael Gardner

Terrace Houses: 37-53 Grove Street, Birchgrove. Sydney, New South Wales

The double storey verandahs have bullnosed corrugated iron roofs.  Some of these retain their original 1860s style of alternated banded khaki green.  Very plain corbels are the only features of the party walls which meet with the property line.  The verandahs feature minimal iron lacework in the form of balustrades which also bullnose slightly at the base and also palisade fences which frame small covered patios.  Around the windows and doors are rather simple stone slab quoins.

The overall effect is a row with a feel of rustic charm and brutality of the city.

It may date to the late 1850s or early 1860s but I’m not certain.

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