47-53 Thomas Street, Windsor. Melbourne, Victoria

This particular row of four double storey terraced homes has always interested me.   It appears to be the result of several remodeling efforts and very difficult to date.  The original terraces are now obscured but appear to be quite old and plain, perhaps even 1860s or 1870s.  Their current form has elements of Queen Anne, bungalow and tudor revival.  Possibly the result of an interwar makeover. Sadly, however they have also been significantly altered since.

Terraced Houses.  47-53 Thomas Street, Windsor. Victoria

Terraced Houses. 47-53 Thomas Street, Windsor. Victoria

Its position behind two large gum trees makes it quite difficult to photograph.  Like many double storey terraces, the upper storey features an open verandah.  There are gables over the bays rather than the entryways which is interesting, these like the rest of the roof is tiled in terracotta.  These are propped up by deliberately plain timber columns and brackets.  Half-timbering gives the terrace an Old English appearance, which is very rare for Australian terraces.  The one closest to the photo has unfortunately recently removed theirs and applied a grey coat to the whole facade and removed the interwar period style panelled windows which in the writer’s opinion compromises the row.  The small stylistic brick fence which once framed the courtyard has also been replaced by unsightly brick walls obscuring many of their features.

There is unfortunately no heritage overlay on this area which is a shame as there are many such terraces of great interest in the City of Stonnington.

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  • Chris Owens:

    These terraces where built in the mid to late 1870’s by owner/builders Daniel Lyon and his sons Edwin and Samuel.
    Daniel who was my great great grandfather died in 1879 at which time they all resided at this address.

  • Anne:

    Thanks for your comment. We own one of these terraces and would be interested in any info you have.

  • Chris Owens:

    Good evening Anne,

    I honestly don’t have an abundance of information on the property’s other than how the land was aquired but I do know quite a bit about the builder (my great great grandfather) and the part he played in shaping the area of Windsor and Prahran from the 1850’s through to the late 1870’s.

    I would truly love to have opportunity to observe the property at your convenience. I would also be more than willing share what information I have regarding these terrace houses and my ancestors that constructed them including his sons who went on to be extremely prominent local men.

    Please email me at owensck@me.com if you would like to pursue this further,

    Best regards, chris

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