51-65 Station Street, Newtown. Sydney, New South Wales

This row of eight single storey Italianate style Sydney terraced houses marching up a slight include displays some fairly unique attributes.  Their most interesting feature is the prominent arched Italianate style doorways with their elaborate acanthus mouldings and the prominent party walls and chimneys.

Photo by Michael Gardner. All rights reserved. Used with permission

Terrace houses: 51-65 Station Street Enmore, Sydney New South Wales

While the main corrugated iron roof is gabled for the length of the row, the hallways pf each house protrude with dramatic effect with small hipped roofs establishing the separateness of each of the the homes.  These small pavillion style entryways have the effect when viewed from the front of a sillhouette of small pyramid roof topped Italianate bell towers.  Between them are bullnosed verandahs which provide a contrast with the angular roof.  The solid looking verandahs feature heavy iron lacework including a prominent frieze with iron lace in triple panels as well as a a columnless frilly fringe with corner brackets.

The facade features two windows joined by a single prominent ledge.  A small courtyard is framed by prominent gates which also bullnose out from the party walls.  There are two rows of cast iron palisade with terracotta steps and parquetry tiling.

Given the style I’d imagine that these terraces were built in the mid to late 1880s.

These terraces are listed of state significance to New South Wales and were first identified in the Marrickville Heritage Study (1984-1986) providing them with additional local heritage protection.

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