57-61 Eaglehawk Road, Ironbark. Bendigo, Victoria

As a lover of both the gold rush city of Bendigo and the variety of terraced housing to be found there it is suprising to find that while heritage overlays exist across most of Bendigo, this single storey row of three homes simply named “Terraces” in suburban Ironbark is afforded no heritage protection.  This is despite an Ironbark heritage study being published as recently as 2010.1

Terraces: 57-61 Eaglehawk Road, Ironbark. Bendigo, Victoria

According to council, this little gem and its neighbours are apparently of no significance. According to me its not only quite a rare example of terrace housing in a suburban area of a regional city but with its prominent Queen Anne style roof and gables and polychromatic brickwork represents another unusual example of variety of the style in Bendigo. Granted, it appears that a relatively recent restoration has taken place with paint having been removed possibly by sandblasting to reveal its stunning brickwork detail. As often is the case, unfortunate past painting can obscure and greatly detract from the appearance of terraces like this.

The row appears to have erected late in the 19th century, most likely the 1890s during a period when this style remained fashionable. It features projecting wings connected by a verandah. Notably it achieves a mostly symmetrical appearance despite an assymetrical plan with the entrances and chimneys being the sole giveaways. In fact it is difficult to tell whether this row is the result of several stages of modification and addition or a single construction. The prominent bullnosed verandah follows a horizontal string course of bricks and may have at one time been decorated with iron lace. The corner brickwork features two tone brick quoins and the window arches and doorways feature similar treatment with voissoirs. The gables have modestly decorated bargeboards featuring end scrolls and central turned wooden finials.


  1. Ironbark Heritage Study 2010

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