59-63 Mundy Street, Bendigo. Victoria

This row of three single storey houses caught my eye on the fringe of Bendigo’s CBD.   They are a simple red brick symmetrical row of Victorian era terraces in polychrome and unpainted render.  But what I found most interesting about them was the step profile of the parapet along the side of the end terrace facing Bramble Street which cascades like a waterfall.  The names of the terraces are in a recessed cartouche on each house : “Glentrool” (59), “Garlies” (61) and “Galloway” (63) and apparently named after forests in Scotland.

Terrace Houses: "Clentrool" (59), "Carlies" (61) and "Calloway" (63) Mundy Street, Bendigo. Victoria

Terrace Houses: "Glentrool" (59), "Garlies" (61) and "Galloway" (63) Mundy Street, Bendigo. Victoria

The parapet is flat with urns marking the party walls and a bold cornice with brackets.  The party walls are decorated with vermiculation and long scrolls of rendered acanthus.  The verandah bullnoses out, exposing the corrugated iron roof.  The verandahs of the houses are dressed in iron lace with brackets and also pendants midway on either side of the column.  Rather than highlight the entryway, there is a central cast iron corinthian column in each, giving uniformity to the row.

The windows and doors, in comparison are highlighted with much more elaborate decorative treatment.  The blind arches on the party walls have stunning dicromatic brickwork as do the surrounds of all the doors and windows.  The doors and windows, in addition have marvellous surrounds of etched and stained glass, in particular cast iron classical columns on either side of the main double hung windows.

The terraces have heritage protection under the City of Greater Bendigo’s heritage overlay HO9.

Thanks to Tess for the additional info !  I love these houses.

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  • Tess:

    Hello there….I own one of these beautiful terraces and thought I’d let u know that all three are occupied as family homes and have never been used as offices.
    Also, the reason why u can’t find anything about the 3 names of the terraces, is because you have spelt them incorrectly. They all begin with the letter “G” and not the letter “C”….as you have stated. They are named after three forrests in Scotland….as Scotish immigrants built them. Hope this assists you in making corrections…..to your info…..cheers Tess (:

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