618-626 Great King Street, Dunedin. New Zealand

The Australian style of terrace was not entirely limited to Australia.  There are in fact several examples across the Tasman.  Some of New Zealand’s Victorian cities actually  have extensive stands of terraced homes.  However few match the Australian style as well as this row of three wide terraces.  The row is closer to the Melbourne vernacular with its double storey bullnose verandah featuring twin iron columns and lacework with brackets and parapet covering the roof and the centre parapet the feature of the row but in red brick. (Photo by: Arthur Benchill licenced under (CC-SA))

618-626 Great King Street, Dunedin. New Zealand.  Image by Arthur Benchill

618-626 Great King Street, Dunedin. New Zealand.

The mid terrace is certainly in the best condition, with the rest of the row falling into disrepair and with a mix of balcony styles. The party walls are bold but plain and extend in a curve to the fence which is also of solid red brick suggesting that they are possibly an early Edwardian importation of the style.

An interesting feature is the number and height of the doors and windows.  There are actually two sets of doors on each terrace.  What this could mean is that they were originally planned or later converted to apartments with one door leading to a stair to the upper storey.

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  • Dave M:

    These houses are looking a lot better now with the balconies repaired, the ironwork restored and matching, and fresh paint. A lot of the early Dunedin architects had previously worked in Australia.

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