67-69 Watkin Street, Newtown. Sydney, New South Wales

These terrace houses, largely hidden by trees, are of a most unusual design.  Looking similar in appearance to a Manhattan brownstone, they feature an exaggerated Italianate mannerist (or baroque) style using stucco and mouldings to simulate heavy stone in stark contrast to the iron lacework inspired filigree terraces of the street. (Photo by: Duncan Kimball)

Terrace Houses: 67-69 Watkin Street, Newtown. Sydney, New South Wales. Photo by: Duncan Kimball

Terrace Houses: 67-69 Watkin Street, Newtown. Sydney, New South Wales. Image by Duncan Kimball

The ionic order is used to full effect on the base loggia which creates a recessed entry and porch.  The ionic ordereven makes a cameo on the unique balustrades which line the second storey with two jutting out opera-box style balconies which can be accessed by impressive round arched french doors.  The parapet is high and features broken pediments and urns.  There are unusual and unexpected arrangements of the elements, such as pilasters ending in tiny pediments and the party wall unexpectedly bursting from the centre of the facade somewhere below a central triangular pediment and finial.  Many of the mouldings are art noveau inspired, giving the impression that this terrace was built around the turn of the century.  A large segmented window arch is the key feature of the upper storeys. Many of the windows feature large keystones, some vermiculated. The gateposts are of a similar unusual style with a cast iron palisade fence.

One of the terraces has the name “Tresco” written on its cartouche.  An attic storey appears to have been added at some later stage.

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  • Zxath:

    Wow that is unusual….very European, or N.Y. brownstone as you’ve stated…not something I would have expected see in Australia. Great find.

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