7-9 Arundel Street, Glebe. Sydney, New South Wales

This set of interesting row of four double storey terrace houses is directly opposite the University of Sydney in Glebe. Arguably the most interesting aspect of this row is the end terrace.  While elaborate end terraces are typical of later terrace houses in Sydney areas particularly Glebe and Balmain, this one demonstrates a mix of styles.  The end terrace juts out with a large gable decorated with picturesque bargeboards and finial which break the rhythm of the row and it also also features a large italianate style two storey bay window including flat arched windows and keystones over a rusticated stone base. 

7-9 Arundel Street.  Glebe, New South Wales

7-9 Arundel Street. Glebe, New South Wales

The rest of the row marches up Arundel Street.   The roof is of slate tile punctuated by bulky chimneys.  The terraces themselves are quite plain behind their iron lacework dressing with a single grille column going down the middle of each.  The lacework has tiny finials draped from the midpoint between the supports.  The corrugated iron verandahs are separated by party walls which extend from underneath plain eaves.

Not exactly sure of the date on this terrace, however the style indicates that it could have been from the late 1870s to early 1880s.

The terrace row is part of the Glebe Conservation Area a heritage district which has a national significance.

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