747-755 Park Street, Brunswick. Melbourne, Victoria

There are several rows of terraces lining Park Street and overlooking the northern end of Royal Park, however this row of five is probably the most distinguished. What differentiates this row is their width and that mirror each other in a row of perfect symmetry.  Each house has high parapet marked by a triangular pediment framed by scroll corbels and flanked by large decorative urns in the italianate style which effectively hides hipped roofs.

747-755 Park Street, Brunswick. Melbourne, Victoria

Terrace Houses: 747-755 Park Street, Brunswick. Melbourne, Victoria

The terraces have very deep double storey verandahs which are separated into three by two corinthian cast iron columns.  There is a frieze of lacework on each level as well as fringe, brackets and balconies below which feature consistent patterns for all houses of the row.  Mouldings surround the double hung windows and there are wide blind arched openings on the double party wall.  The party walls feature double corbels with female heads facing to the street.

This row is provided some heritage protection through Moreland heritage overlay HO130.

They would appear to date to around 1888.

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