77-79 Templeton Street. Castlemaine, Victoria

Of the few examples of terraced housing in the gold rush town of Castlemaine, this is possibly the most distinctly Australian of them with its iron lacework and verandah form. During the gold rush the population of Mount Alexander (as it was then known) was greater than Melbourne.  Confidence that it would continue to grow ensured that a smatterings of terraces emerged in the inner city streets during the 1860s and 1870s, however after the gold dried up more quickly than expected, the form of housing became an oddity in what was a provincial city.

Terrace Houses: 77-79 Templeton Street. Castlemaine, Victoria

This particular terrace appears to date to this period, with the verandah possibly an 1870s addition.   Occupying an elevated position and on an incline, the semi-detached double fronted pair does not step down the hill, rather its single horizontal composition provides a striking contrast, presenting a brick wall to the street at the lower level.  The long gable roof is clad in elegant slate with four chimneys providing a fireplace for each of the main rooms but lacks a prominent firewall partition.  The corrugated iron roof of the verandah features painted banding typical of the time and is propped up by timber posts.  The iron lacework is in relatively poor condition and consists of bracket, fringe and drops, with many original sections missing.  The original balustrade, possibly either wooden or cast iron has been removed at some stage in the past and replaced by wood lattice and pickets.  Originally in red brick, both appear to have been painted at various stages in the past.  Victorian four paneled doors have fan lights and there are two double hung flat arched windows with ledges on each front facade.  Windows along the side indicate the semi-detached nature.

This terrace is within the Mount Alexander Shire heritage overlay HO667 as part of the Castlemaine Historic area.

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