8-14 Lithgow Street. Lithgow, New South Wales

Lithgow is one of the few places in the Blue Mountains area where you can find terraced housing and many of the working class terraces there served as housing for the mining and industry in the 19th century. This row of four double storey terraces is situated in the Pottery Estate and likely dates to the 1880s, most probably serving as homes for those working at the local colliery which opened in 1873.1  Architecturally they are interesting for the materials and lack of significant ornament.

8-14 Lithgow Street Lithgow New South Wales

The functional row features a large gabled roof with party walls and chimney in the classic terrace form with bullnosed verandah. The iron lacework is subdued, with only corner brackets under the eaves and there are two large french doors with transoms accessing each verandah. The two pairs follow classic mirrored terrace form.



  1.  NSW Heritage record 1960330

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