87 Pitt Street, Redfern. Sydney, New South Wales

The three storey terrace at 87 Pitt Street (with what appears to be a small fourth storey attic later added) is right in the centre of an eastern Redfern area which is being increasingly gentrified.  Pitt Street features a long row of two storey terraces culminating in this end terrace at the corner of Redfern Street. (Photo by: J Bar licenced under (CC-SA))

79-87 Pitt Street Redfern, New South Wales. Image by J Bar licenced under CC-SA

87 Pitt Street Redfern, New South Wales.

The style is similar to many three storey late 1880s terraces in Sydney. The parapet features a simple ballustrade created by a row of circular holes and may have been modified at some stage.   The chimney on the north side is quite pronounced.  Parisian style awnings dressed with iron lace as are small window ledge balconies.   Three banded string courses break up the plainness of the upper storey – one appears vermiculated to accentuate the cornice.  Similar treatment adorns the bold party walls with pilasters and corbels.  The verandah and french doors of the second level are quite plain, with cast iron lace being the main decorative treatment.  The bottom level is quite interesting with two arched windows and a rounded rectangular doorway in an almost moderne style.

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