92-94 Perry Street, Collingwood. Melbourne, Victoria

This pair of plain looking old terraces in formerly working class Collingwood is in fair external condition but obviously visibly showing its age, moreso the house at 92 which has the appearance of subsiding with large visible cracks along its facade, nevertheless it was recently advertised by real estate agents as “structurally sound” and recently sold for many hundreds of thousands.

Terrace Houses: 92-94 Perry Street. Collingwood, Victoria

Difficult to date, the brick render terraces may be among the oldest homes in the area, small modest homes in the simple colonial regency style.   Or they may be from later but have had the majority of their details stripped.  In any case their current appearances are of two rather unremarkable Victorian terraced homes sharing a single gable galvanised iron roof with plain chimneys and a shallow parapet.  The gutter spouts are among the few details of the facade.

There are paired doors along the central halls with one double hung window for each house.

Although I’m not aware of the actual construction date, architect, architectural or historical significance, the terrace has its own heritage overlay under the City of Yarra Planning Scheme (HO130), so there is obviously a good reason for keeping it.


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  • Ben Bignell:

    Current owner of 94 Perry St Collingwood. Correction on the construction date of 94 & 96 Perry St. Heritage Register has the date at 1872 and valued at 14 pounds each.

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