92-95 Howard Street, North Melbourne. Victoria

I find this short row of five unnamed Edwardian terraced houses very interesting. Firstly because Edwardian terraces are rare in Melbourne and this is an intriguing example as it has some pretty unusual design elements for a  Melbourne terrace. The way that the end terrace sports a variation in design and faces in a different direction adds significant asymmetry, interest and intrigue to an otherwise symmetrical row of houses. The row marches up the slight incline of Howard Street not unlike a row of Sydney terraces, but so discretely you almost wouldn’t notice.  The fins of the roof are exposed are also much more akin to Sydney Victorian era terraces than Melbourne.  The striking red brick form of the walls, terracotta tiled gable roofs with their row of ridge capping and picturesque chimneys dotted with rows of squat pots all set it apart from the majority Victorian Italianate terraces in the area.

Terrace Houses: 92-95 Howard Street, North Melbourne. Victoria

Terrace Houses: 92-95 Howard Street, North Melbourne. Victoria

Above the windows at the first floor of each house are stucco flat wedge mouldings, adding some interest, however most of these have been removed and some windows have shutters added.  The party wall steps back down into the wall and then emerges again to frame single storey verandahs which have exposed high pitch corrugated iron roofs.  The most interesting aspect of the verandahs, however is the frieze of wood fretwork pattern which has art noveau influences.  On either side there is a turned wood post, with one also in the middle.  The green, cream and red scheme appears to be original although the paint is fading on some of the iron roofs.

The end terrace has a fully timbered verandah including a variation of the fretwork design, possibly a deliberate move to make it the more grand house in the row.

Although the City of Melbourne has heritage listed them (barely with the lowest grading possible), information on is scant.  The style places their construction date somewhere between 1900-15, but an exact date and architect could be almost impossible to ascertain.

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  • Annie:

    Just reading the article about “92-95 Howard Street, North Melbourne. Victoria”
    I can answer some questions there. Houses were built in 1910. The land was owned by the Wesleyan Church, the terraces built for rental properties.
    A Mr Charles Lavers, who was the local bank manager and a Church member, was the designer, finance arranger and supervisor of construction.
    In 1909 Mr Lavers was presented with a book “in recognition of his untiring effort and services rendered in the erecting of the houses”

    Just a side note – The Wesleyan Church were granted the entire block in the 1852 land sale at Hotham. They built a very beautiful Church on the corner of Queensberry and Capel street. It was demolished in 1936 by the then Methodist Church, the site was then used for factories.

  • admin:

    Many thanks Annie for this great info !

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