987 Bourke Street, Waterloo. Sydney, New South Wales

While Bourke Street in Redfern and Darlinghurst is more known for terrace housing busy Bourke Street in Waterloo is mostly industrial.  There is however a small section of late 19th Century workers cottages along the street in Waterloo with a handful of double storey houses.  This house is one of the northernmost of this stretch, with industrial buildings directly to the north.  The most suprising thing about this house is that it has been modernised really recently (within the last few years) with the fine patterned iron lacework removed completely in favour of  horizontal timber slats.

Double storey terrace at 987 Bourke Street Waterloo

Though it appears to be a vestigal part of a larger row, City of Sydney photos from the 1970s show that it was always “freestanding”, with a single storey cottage on the northern side.  The lack of detail indicates that this was likely a turn of the century (1890s) dwelling of the lower middle class. The original palisade fence appears to have been replaced by a rendered brick wall, along with window grills some time in the 1980s, possibly to decrease traffic noise, increase privacy and security.

The skillion roof is Sydney style skillion in corrugated iron with its most distinctive feature being the row of four terracotta chimney pots.  A single french door/window provides access to the balcony.


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