Archbishop’s Row: 18-32 Catherine Street, Subiaco. Perth, Western Australia

Subiaco is probably best known for its cricket and Australian rules stadium, though just around the corner are some excellent examples of terraced housing. Built in 1904, this row of eight Italianate style terrace homes presents as two rows of four homes and is significant on a number of accounts.  Firstly it is a rare architectural bearer of the emblem of the black swan, a symbol of Western

Australia (formerly the Swan River colony) which appears on the two centre pediments of each row. It is not known where the name originated.1 The row also features a rare cast iron balustrade panel and is a late follower of a style made popular in the eastern states during the Victorian era.



Architecturally the row is quite  refined, with minimal use of ornament on its tall parapet, apart from the pilasters and ball urns which culminate each party wall and flank the central pediment with a cornice above and below that curves to setp up to the next row of four.  Apart from the previously mentioned balcony pattern, cast iron is limited to a shallow fringe and bracket framed by a square timber post to mark each entry. The party walls feature vermiculation and corbels and there are blind archways on both the lower and upper storey. A tesselated tiled pattern on each patio emulates the designs of the Victorian period.

While the terrace is of state significance, unlike neighbouring terraces on Catherine Street, it is only listed locally.2


  1.  City of Subiaco walking tours
  2. Place number 04057. In-herit heritage database. Government of Western Australia

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