Austin Terraces: 21 Carr Street. South Geelong, Victoria

Austin Terraces are part of the Austin Hall complex and are situated directly opposite South Geelong railway station. The 1886 terraces are of historic importance to Geelong, having been built by the philanthropist Elizabeth Austin a wealthy pastoralist who built the complex on Yarra Street for needy elderly women. There are two rows of six identical terraces flanking the clocktower complex designed by Joseph Watts.

Austin Terraces: 8-12 Mundy Street.  South Geelong, Victoria.  Image by Michael Wong licenced under CC-SA
Photo by: Marcus Wong licenced under (CC-SA)

Austin Terraces: 8-12 Mundy Street. South Geelong, Victoria

This row of six single storey polychrome terraces are built on bluestone foundations. They have prominent chimneys with terracotta chimney pots and party walls exposed on the corrugated iron roof. The verandah is supported by cast iron columns which define the entry columns and decorated with Victorian cast iron latticework. The windows and doors are highlighted by staggered polychrome brickwork.

The terraces on Mundy Street are in a slightly decayed state with their terracotta chimney pots having been removed. However the terraces were granted almost a million in funding for restoration in 2009.1

Austin Terraces are of state significance and are listed on the Victorian Heritage Register (H0841) and are additionally accorded local protection as part of the City of Greater Geelong’s heritage overlay HO101.

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