Barwon Mill Cottages. 42-52 Lower Paper Mills Road, Fyansford. Geelong, Victoria

This row of six single storey double fronted workers cottages was built between 1878 and 1879 in local bluestone and designed by Joseph Watts as part of the historic Barwon Paper Mill Victorian era industrial complex and a rare example of British model company housing ensuring that it has the highest heritage protection being on the Victorian Heritage Register (H0743)1, National Trust Register2 and part of a City of Greater Geelong heritage overlay HO2083.

Barwon Mill Cottages. 42-52 Lower Paper Mills Road. Fyansford, Geelong. Victoria

The row has a single long gable roof which extends to form an east facing verandah, lacking any visible party walls and each terrace is marked by plain and asymmetrically placed unrendered brick chimneys. Each house has a central door and a a double hung six panel windows on either side. Large quoins distinguish the party walls at either end as well as each side of the facade of each house and surrounding the door. The verandah has two posts marking the entryway of each house with ornamental wooden brackets, while wooden partitions separate each verandah. They have, unfortunately become difficult to photograph due to the overgrowth in the front courtyards. Some houses have timber picket fences. The facades are in mixed condition, some painted to highlight the quoins and verandah brackets, others in original condition.

The plan of these buildings is particularly interesting, with the main quarters being physically separated from the kitchen and outbuildings by internal courtyards flanking a covered hallway. Beyond them, to the rear of the block is an intact row of stables or mews.


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