Bayview House: 28 Ingles Street, Port Melbourne. Melbourne, Victoria

Bayview House is a narrow boom style terrace in a beautifully preserved row of three villas neighbouring an Edwardian terrace presumably named for the glimpses of Port Phillip which once would have been seen from its upper balcony.

Bayview House: 28 Ingles Street.  Port Melbourne, Victoria

Bayview House: 23 Ingles Street. Port Melbourne, Victoria

The two villas to the south (Richmond Villa at 26 and Bracka Villa at 24) have the same design elements but are single storey, are in a rare concertina formation and Bayview is the feature double storey.  Bayview terrace features a central Palladian parapet with a sign over a prominent swag framed by scroll horizontal corbels and flanked by a  knot linked circle ballustrade.  The party walls are decorated with acanthus leaf corbels and flower motifs.  The party walls have blind arches and an unusual modification Bayview House is a small diamond shaped portal cut into the upper storey arch.  The double hung windows feature spiral window sashes.

An ornate verandah is decorated by circular cast iron filigree patterns and a mix of moulded wood carving and composite cast iron support columns.

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