Bermingham Terrace: 22-28 Blackburn Street. Adelaide, South Australia

Bermingham Terrace is a row of four double storey ashlar bluestone terraces completed in February, 1884 and originally numbered 6701, designed in the Regency style so popular in Adelaide at the time. Currently they are used as houses, including “Wisteria Terrace” which operates as a bed and breakfast.  The others remain used as houses.  They form an important terraced city streetscape and are very typical of those in Adelaide, however with some distinctive features.

Terrace Houses: 22-28 Blackburn Street. Adelaide, South Australia

One of the most interesting features is the cantilevered timber framed balcony.  This architectural technique was typically used in Sydney to make use of space above footpaths.  In this instance it provides a column free cast iron fence framed courtyard space, solid looking though precarious.  The iron lacework treatment is also interesting.  Like many Adelaide terraces its use is somewhat subdued, however in this case the curved corner brackets (from the “Sun” foundry of Stewart & Harley, No 376)2 contrast with the almost wrought iron sparse look of the balcony insert panels of which there are three per house.  The verandah roof above is a skillion, again another rare feature.

This row features an exposed low pitched hipped roof above a short parapet with the two middle terraces sharing the mid section gable and projecting party walls.

The hall entries are paired and surrounded by bold plain rendered rectangular moulds with small fanlight above the door.  The single double hung windows and French doors above are also distinguished by rectangular moulds.

It was first advertised for sale in 1884. Tenants include Wilfred Cecil Nation (1894).3

The houses carry a local heritage listing with the City of Adelaide (H0200876).

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  • Lyn:

    I have a photograph of the above terrace house, taken c1889-1900. There are two girls at the front look like maids. The writing on the back of the photo says N1 Bermingham Terrace, Blackburn Street. This is an old family photo. I though the house was in Victoria and have been trying to locate it. Looks exactly the same back then as it does in the picture above. But the vertical blinds aren’t there, obviously, it is blind and curtain, no shrubbery at the front. Can you tell me any history of the building, please.

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